What we do

AIM Norway has a strong presence in the areas of repair, overhaul, modification and testing of components for military aircraft and helicopters, and specializes in recycling of expensive spare parts.


The workshop is a MRO center with full «tear-down» capabilities with a wide specter of airborne electromechanical components such as Generators, starters, actuators, fuse panels, lights, etc. , including harness assemblies and modification programsThe workshop performs electronic Inspection Repair As Necessary (IRAN) and limited depot level repairs at NASAMS radar system. Maintenance and field service on TACAN navigation system (navigational system for aircraft that measures bearing and distance from a ground beacon).

Key employee

Carl Morten Boine

Manager Electronic Workshops

Instrument workshop

The main component categories for The Instrument workshop are: Airborne Electro-Optical (EO) and Infrared (IR) systems. Conventional aircraft instruments. Electromechanical instruments, such as HSI, ADI, RPM, fuel quantity and temp indicators. Gyros, vertical and directional gyros.  Pneumatic instruments, altimeters, airspeed indicators and vertical speed indicators.

Carries out also calibration in the areas of temperature, vibrations and pressure including airdata equipment.

Radar and Radio Crypto workshop

The shops maintain several avionics systems : Various radars/IFF/Radar warning system/VOR/ILS, ADF, DME, data link, UAV, TACAN, Homing, Intercom, HF/VHF/Secure UHF Radio with Have Quick II and Crypto units (CCI). Development of prototype test jigs for new airborne communication systems. The workshop also carries out installation and maintenance and field service of various ground installations such as ground radar and ground to air communication (radio systems) and TEMPEST installations.

AIM has its own crypto security organization. (In accordance with NATO SDIP 293 and Norwegian Security Act).

Engines & component department

Engine & Component department has MRO & U experience on engines and components for the F16 fighter, Sea King rescue helicopter, P3 Orion coastgard, C130 Hercules transport aircraft, Bell 412 transport helicopter NH90 coast gard Helicopter, Ground Radar ++.

The department consists of 85 highly qualified technicians, engineers and staff employees. We’ve run maintenance on these systems since they were new in 1970-1980’s. Regarding NH90 we have newly produced modules and complete engines from 2006 to 2012.In 2016 we will be ready for maintenance of these engines.

Key employee

Arnt Haugen

Manager Engine Workshops

The department has about 9,000 sqm workshop space at Kjeller and Rygge with six different engine test cells and access to runway on both bases. We have a technical cleaning and NDT department which is EASA part-145 approved level 3. We also support our customer with travel teams within short time out on all bases worldwide.

For the future we focus on both existing markets and new systems. We are well underway with the establishment of F135 depot for F35 fighter and stand up for AW101 NAWSARH component and engine maintenance.


Within the Helicopter Department we have skilled workers in the following trades; Avionic , Mechanical and Sheet Metal Work.

Our need for skilled workers in the future is accommodated for by the AIM apprenticeship scheme.

Helicopter administration controls;

Planning , inspection and future projects.

With assistance from other AIM departments , modifications and scheduled maintenance on Royal Norwegian Air Force Sea King helicopters are completed.

The helicopter department has maintained  Sea King`s for more than 40 years , to the highest possible standards.

Enabling 330 Skv. To deliver maximum availability to the SAR service.

Key employee

Nicholas Latham

Manager Helicopter Workshop

Current Projects

Sea King IRAN (Inspect and Repair As Necessary.) Depot maintenance at 84 month intervals.

Sea King 2020 project . Avionic update to insure aircraft availability until the new AW 101 NAWSARH is in service.

Assist the SAR bases to deliver the highest possible level of readiness for Sea King operations .

Aircraft Maintenance

  • F-16 Heavy Maintenance hangar – Mechanics and avionics
  • Sea King Heavy Maintenance hangar – Mechanics and avionics
  • Hush house F-16
  • Sheet metal workshop/Composite workshop/Tube bending workshop
  • Paint shop/Fuel cell rep workshop/Decal workshop
  • Carpentry workshop
  • Rescue equipment workshop

Key employee

Anders Søisdal

Manager Aircraft Maintenance Workshop

F-16 Heavy Maintenance & modifications performed by AIM Norway

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Component Repair Department

Special Processes

The Component Repair Department supports all departments in AIM Norway to fulfill their scope of work.

The department carries out Machining, Aerospace Welding, Thermal spraying and Plating.

We are using a wide range of Special Processes to support the repair and overhaul of components.

Our workshops repair and overhauls a wide range of components. The main scope is Engine and Landing Gear parts.

The department is supporting production of parts within Oil & Gas and Space Industry.

The wide range of capabilities and Special Processes makes AIM Norway a unique One-Stop-Shop.

Key employee

Lars Erik Indergård

Manager Mechanical Workshops

Warehousing, Purchasing and Internal Distribution

The Logistics department shall support AIM Norways’ capabilities through effective logistics processes, optimal utilization of technology and motivated personnel with the right competence.

The main task for the Logistics Department is to provide all necessary material and logistics services to support the maintenance, repair and overhaul activities that AIM Norway undertakes. This includes, but not limited to, purchasing, warehousing, material accounting, internal transportation, and disposal. The Logistics Department has a high focus on quality to ensure the end customers receives the products and services they require.

Key employee

Hugo Hermansen

Manager Logistics