AIM Norway and Finmeccanica

AIM Norway and Finmeccanica

June 29 - 2015 / Back to news

AIM Norway and Finmeccanica – AgustaWestland sign Framework Agreement Covering Cooperation on the NAWSARH

On 24th June, at the Finmeccanica – AgustaWestland (AW) facility in Yeovil, England, the CEO of AIM Norway, Ove Haukåssveen, signed a Framework Agreement with AW’s Head of Business, Stefano Bertoli, covering cooperation on the NAWSARH Project.  Witnessing the signing was the Norwegian Minister of Justice and Public Safety, Mr Anders Anundsen, who is ultimately responsible for the NAWSARH Project, as well as other members of the Norwegian MoJ and MoD.

The Framework Agreement covers a further 6 contracts to be negotiated between AIM and AW: Base Maintenance Service, Key Suppliers R and O Service, Logistics and Transportation Service, Consumables Service, Calibration Service and AW Equipment R and O Service.  Work on a number of these contracts is already underway.

The signing was an important step in the process to establish a Performance Based Logistics (PBL) Service for the new NAWSARH helicopter, due to become operational in spring 2018. AIM’s role in this service is critical to the success of the new Search and Rescue operations, and while much work remains to complete the contracts on time, the signing of the Framework Agreement represents a significant milestone.